RAPID RTC offers a new standard in Text for the Automotive Industry. Customers expect multiple communication touchpoints with dealerships.

Winnipeg, MB (November 5, 2018) – RAPID RTC proudly announces RAPID RTC Text, another seamless digital channel connecting customers directly with knowledgeable sales staff through one of today’s most preferred methods of communication – texting. With RAPID RTC Text, active online shoppers can text directly with eligible sales consultants in real-time, providing a premium communication experience for both parties. The product intelligently encourages salespeople to re-engage prospective buyers after the initial conversation with intuitive reminders, a first of its kind in the market.


“We are all aware the way customers go about buying a vehicle has evolved,” said Glen Demetrioff, President of RAPID RTC. “As with other buying decisions, today’s automotive customer does most of their research and comparison shopping online and 90% prefer to engage via text versus phone. When offering RAPID RTC Text coupled with our Chat, dealers are experiencing a 120% increase in leads and, perhaps more importantly, these leads are higher quality and farther along the purchase funnel than other forms of online communications.”


RAPID RTC Text allows salespeople to have continuous conversations at each prospect’s pace and comfort level. Like RAPID RTC Chat, salespeople can send videos of vehicles, pictures, marketing brochures and more; an added personal touch that makes customers feel supported and helps them make car purchasing decisions on their terms, wherever they are. There are no middlemen or glorified call centers, just real-time connections bringing the dealership’s online clientele to salespeople.  From a dealership perspective, all RAPID RTC channels, whether text, chat or email, are managed through one common interface, from any device, without any application to download or anything new to learn; sales teams can interact with every online prospect on their preferred channel and the user experience is optimized for both parties.


Another key feature of RAPID RTC Text is its Business Intelligence (BI) data. Text engagement metrics and a full transcript of every conversation are available for coaching and training opportunities. Every text number is unique to each dealership and available for promotion across all marketing and communication channels, providing further insights into lead tracking and ROI on ad expenditures. As with all RAPID RTC products and services, Text, and any associated processes or metrics, are carefully crafted to be seamlessly CASL compliant, permitting dealers to focus solely on how to get the most out of our solutions.


“Providing the online customer real answers to their many purchasing questions by connecting them with the relevant salesperson, at the relevant time, along the relevant digital communication channel, produces more quality leads for our clients, while simultaneously exceeding their customers’ growing expectations,” continued Demetrioff.


Now the most preferred method of communication for customers is available on the most preferred and trusted digital lead management platform.

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