6 Ways Chat Can Improve Your Dealership

The digital marketplace has become even more important for the automotive industry. 83% of consumers want to do one or more steps of the purchase process online and 7 out of 10 are more likely to buy from a dealership if they start the process online*. When the research phase reaches the point of seeking answers to their questions, many prospective buyers turn to online chat. If your dealership has not embraced chat for lead generation, it is likely time to rethink that strategy. Clients who utilize a digital chat solution have been able to increase their dealership website leads by 100%**. If you do have a chat product, it is wise to consider whether you are getting everything out of it that you could.

Here are 6 ways that chat can improve your dealership:

  • Higher quality lead generation
    • Customers that reach out to your dealership through online chat are greeted and qualified by online agents, and personal information is collected before connecting the prospect to a salesperson in real-time. Your sales team deals exclusively with high caliber leads, and your conversion rates increase.
  • A more dynamic chat experience
    • Online chat does not mean exclusively exchanging abbreviated messages with no substance to them. You can engage in a digital chat experience while making use of all your sales materials. Attaching brochures, taking photos, or sharing videos with chat prospects in real-time.
  • Keep everyone accountable
    • Your sales team needs to consistently deliver a premium chat experience. They need to be trained in best practices, and regular reviews of conversation analytics should be taking place for continued coaching opportunities.
  • Do more than take a message
    • If a customer is trying to chat with you, they probably want to actually have a conversation, and not pass along their information to a glorified message taker. Qualifying a lead and getting them into the hands of an experienced sales team member can initiate meaningful conversations that lead to sales.
  • Stay available anywhere
    • Why limit yourself to being seated at a computer? The best chat products will allow you to communicate with prospects on any device, anywhere and at any time.
  • No lead left unanswered
    • You won’t always be able to field a live chat request. You may have customers in the physical showroom that prevent you from greeting digital ones. But this shouldn’t mean the end of the road for this lead. If no salesperson is available, you should have all of the prospect’s information recorded and on-hand for future engagement.


As you can see, online chat is an important tool for any dealership looking to optimize their lead generation processes. If you are serious about chat, then RAPID RTC Chat may be the platform for you. Their 24/7/365 concierge team greets and qualifies every chat prospect before passing them off in real-time to your salespeople. The result is a satisfied customer whose inquiry has promptly been fielded, and a salesperson who deals only with legitimate prospects. This combination leads to more substantial conversations (averaging 22 minutes in length), higher conversions of chats to sales, and a better return on investment.

For more information on RAPID RTC Chat, visit rapidrtc.com/chat today.


*Cox Automotive Future of Digital Retail Study

**RAPID RTC internal research

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