Our Actions to Assist Dealers Affected by COVID-19

To our valued customers;

It is not lost on me that you are receiving an abundance of communications at this time, so I will attempt to make this brief.

I see first-hand how difficult and stressful these circumstances have been for everyone around the globe and specifically the impact it has had on automotive dealers, OEMs and suppliers alike. As a family-first organization, please know we are working to find a balance so that we may continue to support you with the required service levels, while offering your businesses some needed cashflow relief.

In doing so, using March service levels, starting April 1st through June 30th for all retail dealers, we will:

  1. Reduce your monthly service costs of our digital product suite inclusive of: RAPID RTC Lead Manager, Chat, Facebook and Text by 25% from April 1st – June 30th. There is nothing you need to do – we will automatically start this beginning April 1st.
  2. Increase staff/service levels in our Chat eConcierge team to ensure there is a fully trained live body to support your online traffic while social distancing is in effect.

Much of the essential work we do at RAPID RTC cannot be done without our dedicated support teams. Unlike many “software as a service” companies, we cannot simply “set it and forget it”. We must continuously keep our service levels high in order to support the platforms you’ve come to rely on.

Like you, my days are now spent making sure my family and staff are healthy and safe, while trying to understand the COVID-19 landscape and how RAPID RTC can best help you our clients navigate. While there is no manual for this, please know I have our best minds working together to ensure you will be able to continue to communicate, albeit in a different way, to your patrons and your customers. And – while business will likely look different on the other side, we will be there to support you.

Please stay safe and continue to support one another where you can,





Glen Demetrioff

President & Chief Executive Officer

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