DMT Development Systems Canada Inc., operating as RAPID RTC (“RAPID RTC”), provider of RAPID RTC Chat services and, a div. of Autopath Technologies Inc. (“”), provider of listing vehicle display page services, are launching a 90-day pilot program in which RAPID RTC and will place a RAPID RTC Chat launch point on select vehicle display pages (the “Program”). This Program is being offered to select dealers at no additional cost.

In consideration of RAPID RTC and accepting ________________________________ (the “Dealer”) as a participant in the Program, the Dealer hereby agrees to the following:

  1. the Dealer hereby agrees to participate in the Program by having RAPID RTC launch points placed on the Dealer’s listings;
  2. the Dealer will actively participate in responding to Chats originating in the Program in the same manner as the Dealer responds Chats originating from the Dealer’s website;
  3. the Dealer hereby gives its express authorization and consent to RAPID RTC and to release, transfer and/or disclose information to each other, information related to the Dealer’s customer leads and associated information which originate from the Program for the purpose of evaluating the success of the Program.

The undersigned signatory confirms that he/she has the authority to sign this form on behalf of the Dealer.

Signature: __________________________                                          Date: _________________

Name: _____________________________

Title:  ______________________________

To confirm your participation in this program, please print, fill out, sign and return this document via email to: