Frequently Asked Questions – Live Dealer

What’s the best way to offer a customer the option to switch to voice and/or video?

Give your customer the choice on how they would like to communicate – using either chat, voice, and/or video, or a combination – and get their permission, which will help to build trust. For example:

    1. It would be great if we could discuss this over a call. Would that be ok with you?
    2. I can show you exactly how this vehicle looks – I happen to have one in my showroom. Would you like to see over a quick live video?


How do I make the best use of screen sharing, voice, and/or video?

Be prepared – just like for customers in the showroom. For online customers, get any applicable websites and/or tools (e.g. Build & Price, inventory look-up, key competitor sites, applications, etc.) open and ready to share anytime. This will reduce friction and delays by eliminating your search time during your chat with the customer. When sharing your screen, make sure you’re comfortable with your customer seeing everything that’s visible and/or open on your device.


Do I need to collect the customer’s contact information?

Always try and obtain a piece of customer contact information if it wasn’t obtained earlier in the chat by our Concierge service. This will be necessary for customer follow-up once the Live Dealer discussion is over.


What do I need to be aware of to deliver a quality experience through voice and/or video?

Be conscious of your surroundings. Everything a customer can see and/or hear around you is part of their experience, so it’s important to ensure your surroundings won’t distract from the conversation. Intrusive background noise, poor lighting, and weak signal strength can reduce the quality of your customer’s experience. Some tips:

    1. Always test your camera and microphone connection, as well as your signal strength inside and outside the dealership, before connecting with customers.
    2. If you want to deliver a seamless experience, take time to practice using each channel and switching between them. Take note of visual or auditory intrusions your customer could experience – practice on every device you might use with Live Dealer, and at every location you may show on video around the dealership and on the lot.
    3. While using video, camera position matters – try to position your camera as close as possible to eye level, and look into it as much as you can. Make sure there are no distracting objects or occurrences in the background of your live video.
    4. A headset with a microphone can help reduce background noise.
    5. If you see the customer’s signal strength is weak, or if yours is weak due to your location, switching to voice only could help reduce the bandwidth and improve the connection.


The Video Camera icon is GREY (not blue) when I am opening a chat, what does that mean?

When the video icon is blue, that means a microphone has been successfully detected on both your end and the customer’s end, both of your browsers are compatible, and you can initiate Live Dealer. Live Dealer needs a microphone and compatible browser to launch successfully, but doesn’t require a camera.

If the icon is grey, no microphone was detected on either your end or the customer’s, or their browser is incompatible – you won’t be able to launch Live Dealer.

If the video icon is grey:

    1. Ask the customer which browser they’re using. If their browser is outdated, Live Dealer can’t connect.
    2. If the customer is using a compatible browser, ask them to refresh their page.
    3. If the issue persists, and the icon remains grey, continue with traditional chat.


What if my customer is using an outdated web browser but wants to connect on voice or video?

Live Dealer is supported on all modern internet browsers. Ask the customer which browser they’re using and confirm that it’s the latest version. The customer may have multiple browsers installed on their device. If this is the case, the device may default to an outdated browser; if the customer has additional browsers installed, ask them to switch to a different one. If the customer only has the outdated browser installed, you can prompt them to download a new one, or continue the conversation with traditional chat.


What do I do if I (salesperson) have microphone issues after initiating Live Dealer?

  • Refresh your page.
  • Check for other open applications using the microphone.
  • If the problem persists – continue the conversation with traditional chat.


What do I do if my (or my customer’s) internet signal drops or weakens?

Live Dealer is designed to seamlessly transfer from WIFI to LTE.

    1. Always test your signal strength inside and outside the dealership before connecting with any customers so you know where the trouble areas might be.
    2. Suggest the customer turn off their video to help bandwidth.
    3. Suggest connecting to their strongest signal – WIFI or LTE.


What do I do if the customer’s camera doesn’t work?

    1. Keep calm and carry on with screensharing and voice only.
    2. Ask the customer to refresh their screen.
    3. Ask the customer to close any other open applications that may be using the camera.
    4. If the camera is detected, but still isn’t working on desktop, ask the customer to transfer the chat to their mobile device. To do this, you need an email address for the customer that they can access on mobile. Copy and paste the Live Dealer URL from your browser window into an email to the customer. They can open the email on their mobile device and click on the link – the Live Dealer conversation will then transfer over to their mobile device from their desktop seamlessly.


What if the customer initiates voice or video while another video conferencing application is open on their device?

Voice and/or video won’t connect properly if the camera and microphone are in use by another application. The camera and microphone can only feed one application at once. Ask the customer to close all other applications they have open on their device. Transfer the conversation to your mobile device; this will refresh the customer’s browser page, and voice will re-connect. You can then transfer the conversation back to desktop.


When I’m screen sharing and try to play a video for the customer, why won’t the sound work?

Because the microphone and audio system are already in use by the Live Dealer application — the microphone and camera can only be used by one application at a time. Consider continuing to play the video while giving the commentary yourself, or use this as a prompt to follow-up after the Live Dealer experience is over.


Can customers share their screen or send attachments?

No, only the salesperson can screenshare or send clippings due to bandwidth file size as well as privacy and content concerns.


Is the Live Dealer discussion portion of the chat recorded?

No. Only the traditional chat (text only) portion of the chat is transcribed. The Live Dealer discussion (voice and/or video) is not recorded due to bandwidth and privacy concerns, but the transcript will indicate that a Live Dealer discussion occurred during the conversation.


When a salesperson is on their mobile phone and moves around, will the system allow for a handoff between WIFI and LTE based on location?

Yes, this happens automatically.


Can the salesperson switch between desktop and mobile multiple times if they want to make several trips out to the lot or showroom?

Yes, they can transfer the conversation back and forth as many times as they would like to, or as needed per customer request.


What is the % of people using mobile vs laptop these days?

Approximately 50 / 50.


How are the sales staff pictures determined for the chat launch point?

On the initial launch point, the photos are preset to rotate between sales staff at the dealership, as long as the photos have been added to the Console. If photos have not been provided, the photo will be a stock image provided by RAPID RTC.


When the chat is engaged, whose photo is displayed?

The photo of the salesperson who picked up the chat, as long as their photo is loaded into the console. If their photo has not been added, a silhouette will appear.


Which phone number gets passed to the CRM if there are multiple numbers added?

We can pass as many phone numbers as the CRM has fields to fill.


If the customer doesn’t provide their email address during the initial chat, how can it be added later for the wrap up email to be sent out?

In the rare occurrence that our Concierge team was unable to obtain an email address, the customer can add their email address in the chat conversation at any time. The salesperson cannot add it.


Is a wrap up email still presented as an option to the salesperson if no email address was provided by the customer?

Yes – it always will appear. The customer can also add their email address as part of the wrap up, and will be prompted to do so.