We’ve got you covered.

When it comes to service, you want to talk to someone and we want to talk to you.

RAPID RTC’s Dealer Care teams in both North America and the U.K. pride themselves on providing industry-leading service and guidance. Far beyond basic support, we are more partner than vendor, eager to address dealership, dealer group and OEM needs as they arise.

Team members receive ongoing support certifications to give our clients confidence they are talking – yes, talking – to a qualified person that cares. Our certifications ensure each representative can:

• Treat all inquiries with urgency
• Assess each situation independently…and with empathy
• Enlist assistance from any department company-wide
• Communicate solutions and escalate roadblocks for suitable alternatives
• Lead the charge on scenarios involving multiple external parties
• Conduct scheduled follow-ups with each customer
• Be receptive and responsive to customer feedback

In short, we are readily available to listen to every customer’s needs, offer helpful insights and ensure every inquiry is responded to in a timely manner. We even reach out to you to see how you’re doing. Our goal is to make each customer feel like a partner in our ongoing commitment to the creation of industry-leading technology.

You and your business move fast, so you need to learn fast, and we get that.

RAPID RTC’s products are extremely user friendly and each update has usability as the top priority. Although we design our products to be plug-and-play solutions, we also provide rich, concise webinar training to all our customers. Our experience in each industry has strengthened our resolve to present clear, time-sensitive training.

Our training gives you and your team:

• A full understanding of our products
• The knowledge to customize each product to your business
• The confidence to start immediately after training
• Best Practices collateral for your teams and management
• Coaching guidance, collateral & support
• A proper hand-off to Dealer Care for ongoing support
• The opportunity for FREE additional training

After training, we communicate with our Dealer Care team to make sure there is a follow-up or two along the way. That’s right. We’ll reach out to you, unsolicited, simply to make sure you are getting everything you can out of our products. Our Dealer Care and Training teams work together seamlessly to ensure you are ready to use our products right out of the gate and feel supported as we grow our partnership.

Pre-qualified chat leads delivered to your sales team for immediate engagement.

Exclusive to RAPID RTC Chat, our dedicated Concierge Teams in both North America and the U.K. function as an extension of your sales team. They elevate the typical live chat experience by pre-qualifying chats and using the power of RAPID RTC Chat to connect your online visitors to actual salespeople in your showroom.

Unlike inexperienced “web greeters,” our world-class Concierge Team takes personal care of your customers while we connect them in real-time. For chats your sales team can’t get to, including after hours, our Concierge Team are experts at acquiring contact information for follow-up with the lead in RAPID RTC Lead Manager. You’ll never miss a chat opportunity again.

Team members receive ongoing chat certifications to give our clients confidence they are talking – yes, talking – to a qualified person that cares. Our certifications ensure each representative can:

• Guarantee 100% of your chats are being addressed 24/7
• Connect your chat leads with your sales team within 2 minutes
• Capture valuable contact information from each lead
• Integrate industry-specific knowledge into each chat
• Establish rapport – and a real connection – with each customer
• Pre-qualify chats for suitability and legitimacy
• Ask intelligent questions to gather critical information for your sales team

In summary, we are readily available to capture every chat opportunity 24/7, help you establish a real connection with your leads in real-time and set your sales team up for meaningful conversations and ongoing success. Our goal is to be a natural extension of your team, ensuring you, and your customers, maximize your RAPID RTC Chat experience.