Bryan Swanson, Internet Manager | Cam Clark Ford

RAPID RTC’s tools fill the lead generation void that our CRM doesn’t do very well. We have the peace of mind knowing that 100% of our leads are responded to and the information is funneled into one location where we can easily track the timing and quality of our team’s responses. The information then gets automatically sent into our CRM where we can follow the buyers along their purchasing journey. 

A little while ago we had a record month for used car sales and nearly 14% of those were directly from RAPID RTC Chat and Text. RAPID RTC Chat’s live eReception team have been great and have helped us manage the increase in digital leads.

When we first started with the tools, I was hesitant (salespeople are generally reluctant to change) but the transition was seamless and at the end of the day it’s provided an improved experience for the buyer and for our team – I can’t see us doing without it!